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Love 2 Heal

-"After never believing that I would regain my previous mobility (post serious car accident), I can honestly say that Ang has saved my life. This girl has a heart of gold but hands of steel. Week after week, she restored my physical and emotional state. Some people are natural healers and she is one of them. She is passionate, professional and just simply like no other therapist. I am so grateful to you Ang for bringing me back!!!" Brian -

-"My Mom made me start going for massages because I play alot of sports and my body is always sore.  I didn't want to go at first but I am so glad I listened to her.  Because of my massages with Ang, my body doesn't hurt so much and I feel like I am way better at my sports.  I thought it would be weird for me to go for massages but it wasn't.  It was really relaxing and Ang made me feel very comfortable about everything. I'm glad I have started going for massages at my young age."- Ethan, age 11

-"Prior to seeing Ang, I was skeptical that she was going to be strong enough.  Well, within the first 2 minutes, I knew my concerns were not needed.  She is by far, the strongest massage therapist I have ever seen.  But strong in a good way, not in that hurt for days after way. Ang intuitively knows where, when and how to adjust her pressure.  I have never had to tell her to alter it. I always leave her office feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders."  

-"After going through what felt like every Massage Therapist in Calgary, a friend referred me to Ang.  I have a very stressful job and always suffer from shoulder and neck problems.  Not only was Ang able to make me feel human again but she also recognized that the root of my problem was coming from my pecs and not my back (like I always thought).  I learned a great deal about my body from Ang including the proper stretches to keep my chest and back open.  I honestly believe that good things are worth waiting for and she was well worth the wait!!!" -Curtis M

-"I was referred to Ang by my physiotherapist.  I am a runner and was training for a marathon but was in significant leg pain and didn't know what was causing it.  Not only was Ang able to identify the source of my problem but she "fixed" it and I ran the best time I have to date.   In a city of this size, I feel very fortunate to have a Massage Therapist who is so knowledgeable, punctual, professional, intuitive and skilled." -Greg P 

"For a long time I had been looking for a good massage therapist, and on the recommendation of a friend I started seeing Angie.  After having only two sessions with Angie, she began to restore the mobility and flexibility I had lost due to a couple of injuries and that I need to train effectively. It is evident that Angie takes pride and cares about the individuals she treats and I only wish I would have found her sooner!" Melissa T-Canadian Women's Bobsleigh Pilot 

-"I have had many massage therapists work on my back over the years and have stayed with Angie because she addresses and relieves the aches and pains that come with being athletic, having a family and sitting in front of the computer for hours. She is the first to get to the root of my issue by being able to pinpoint knots and release them. She also gives me stretches to do between sessions.  Angie is physically strong and a  professional and caring individual. I wouldn't trade her for any other therapist.- Kathryn J"

-"I am bursting at the seams to sing the praises of Angie Farnham! I was referred to Angie by my physiotherapist to help manage issues in my neck, arms & upper torso.  The ongoing problems I was experiencing were the result of a rear end collision that happened 4 months prior.  I arrived at Angie's  disheartened, frustrated & mostly terrified at the prospect of a chronic condition that left me sore, weak & functioning more like an 80 year old than the 50 year old I was.  Long story short, while working her magic on my physical state, she quickly sized up my distressed mental & emotional state & found meaningful ways to help alleviate my concerns.   Angie's combination of adept technical skills & intuitive heart in action are more than I could have ever wished for in a practitioner.  I could not be more grateful!"Michelle L, Owner, A Man's Home